Art installation

Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia

Total area: –

Design: 2015

Status: idea

Our tasks included: design concept, 3D renderings, construction and cost calculations

Team: E. Kropaneva

Nowadays Yekaterinburg is one of the biggest and rapidly developing cities in Russia. It was founded in 1723 as an administrative center for numerous metallurgical factories of the Urals. The city’s urban structure was conditioned by factory plan that initially functioned by means of hydraulic energy. Now the dam (so called “tiny dam”) and the pond are the core of the contemporary city.
Yekaterinburg is famous not only for its heavy industry. By the end of XXth century there were 233 factories in 30 different industrial sectors. One of the most significant industrial sites is the complex of the flour mill factory situated on the shore of the pond not far from the “tiny dam”.  The current owners of the site decided to move the flour production out of town to develop the site as a residential complex.. Two brick buildings – the mill and the small administrative building dated 1884 were eventually saved as they are protected by the status of architectural landmarks. However the gigantic significant building of the grain silos hasn’t find its reconversion scenario and was demolished.
The art-installation SILOS’ ECHO is situated near the ex-flour mill site above the pedestrian pathway. The installation invites to grasp the industrial spirit of the place where the industry was but  isn’t present anymore while the new function is still not there. The impression of this installation could be similar to the feeling of after sound, of echo or a perfume aroma that stays in the air a little bit longer after the person who wore it is already gone…The temporary structure of the installation seems illusory and semi-transparent. The shape is similar to the shape of silos and the ropes that form the shape refer to the concrete of silos during the daytime. In twilight the installation gleams with colored lights. During certain time periods one can hear the sounds of mill production mixed with contemporary electronic music around the installation.