Radiant pavilion


Type: Public art-pavilion made of wood

Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia

Total area: 28,3 square meters

Completion: 2016

Status: realized

Our tasks included: design concept, 3D renderings, technical documentation, construction supervision

Team: V. Zlokazov, E. Kropaneva

Photography: Askar Kabjan

The project made with the financial support of Atomstroykomplex: http://www.atomstroy.net/

Radiant pavilion is a public art-installation, situated in a recently opened pedestrian street in the city center of  Yekaterinburg. One can pass through or enter the pavilion to take a moment  and notice ever changing sunlight, shadows and the current tint of sky framed by the pavilion roof structure. The pavilion is a curiosity, diversifying the street for pedestrians. It was a creative challenge for us, while for the investor, a one of the biggest local developers Atomstroykomplex Corporation, this pavilion was a smart investment into the company‘s corporate image. The construction of such kind of pavilion shows the investor as an innovative company that cares about increasing quality of urban environment and not only their built square meters.